• One thing I did not like about JkDefrag is that once you launch it there seems to be way to stop/cancel the process (at least, I did not see an obvious Cancel button). Windows Defragmenter sucks, but at least it can be stopped in case you realize that it will take 2 more hours to go and you need to shut down your computer.

  • @Alek

    It can be safely stopped by simply closing windows/console. Will stay in background to finish current operation (if needed) and then exit.

    btw MyDefrag has nice setting MaxRunTime for use in scripts that determines how long it is allowed to run.

  • Matin

    While I really like the new flexibility of the scripts, MyDefrag really needs, at a minimum, a basic GUI to allow selection of a particular script to run on which drives, and to at least launch Notepad to edit a script. It’s ridiculous to have to customize command lines to run a particular shortcut, and manually find and edit the scripts.

  • @Matin

    Maybe… But frankly not much had changed. Bulk of users will just run it on default settings as they did with JkDefrag and techies will figure out new stuff after some time.

  • JeeMan

    Well, this is good news, another excellent project getting an update.

    You guys might want to check out JkDefragGUI. This GUI offers a whole bunch of options, and I find it very customizable. When you press “Run”, it will start JkDefrag with the options you specified.

    I find it is an easy way to start JkDefrag with the options you want, without going the command line way.


  • @JeeMan

    I use some GUI for JkDefrag (forgot name)… But since JkDefrag itself is discontinued not much sense in clinging to it.

  • JeeMan


    Hehe, you are right on that point. But it is still working and worth a look, so that is why I mentioned it. It is hard to let go of the things I love! :-)

    I will give MyDefrag a spin to test it out.

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