• Rush

    AH HA! Another r/c app to test. The lack of encryption blows but for local connects, it seems to have potential. Nice find A. Couldn’t let a remote app go without comment!
    As always, you rock!

  • jasray

    Wondering why Ultra VNC disappoints; but even more so, why, if one uses VNC frequently, not invest in Radmin or some other server/client with lifetime upgrades.

  • @Rush

    Can always count on your comment under remote access app. :)


    UVNC is very functional but there are considerable downsides. Password length is limited, encryption is inconveniently done with external DLLs, issues with Vista&7…

    Commercial apps make sense if you have clear task and budget for it. When you don’t know when, how many computers and for how long you are going to need to access – licensing becomes pain.


    I’ve tried Ammyy while back. Easy and generic solution, but proprietary. I am not too paranoid, but full remote access is touchy niche in this regard. :)

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