Ketarin - keeps setup packages updated

ketarin_icon Keeping software updated is important for security and stability but what about keeping install files updated? Most update routines (software internal or third party) look at registry entries or executable versions to determine need for update.

I’ve encountered link to Ketarin (while updating CDBurnerXP – same developer) and it’s uncommon updater that focuses on software that is actually not installed.

Why bother

Keeping setup packages auto-updated makes sense for few reasons:

  • saves time spent on looking for updates and downloading them;
  • keeps antivirus tools with daily updates (like CureIt ) always usable;
  • you may not use some software but still need setups to give to clients/relatives/friends.

How it works


Ketarin has three ways of watching packages:

  1. Watch download URL for file changes.
  2. Watch packages at FileHippo – you only have to paste FileHippo link or name in field.


  3. Watch web page for changes and use scraped data to construct download URL (see docs for details ).

Additionally you can choose to share any of your update settings to database and search that database for entries from other users.


I’ve had some stability issues with links to FTP but they seem fixed in latest build.

Other than that I am not too thrilled with .NET Framework and SQLite combination. It works without installation if jobs.db file Ketarin creates in Application data folder is copied to same directory as Ketarin executable. Overall it’s not really portable but it’s not critical for such app either.

App is currently below 1.0 version so consider it beta, plenty of stuff is getting reported by users and fixed or added.


Single function, excellent integration with FileHippo, flexible settings. Must have tool if you keep setup packages for any reason . If you are often asked software questions (like me) you can combine Ketarin with some file sharing tool like HFS to create own software repository (just add some descriptions to files) and give link as answer.

Home&download http://ketarin.canneverbe.com/

Setup guide http://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/20

Forum http://ketarin.canneverbe.com/forum/

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  • Adrian #

    So can it detect software automaticallty?
  • Rarst #

    @Adrian You mean localy installed software? Nope, it doesn't work like that. It is quite different from usual software updaters in targeting setup packages and not installed software. Different purpose and different mechanics.
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