• kalmly

    I love Nirsoft’s right-down-to-business applications. They don’t waste space trying to be UserInterfacily correct.

  • @kalmly

    I guess those apps all share code base for multi-column view, makes sense for maintaining that many of them. On other hand some could use more flexible filtering options and stuff instead of solving everything with column/sort.

    Anyway few of those are used daily so it’s totally worth it. :)

  • All of Nirsoft’s tools are great. Straight to the point, reliable, small and useful as hell.

    Nirsoft’s apps prove the point that apps don’t always need to be pretty. Function over form?

  • @Jonny

    I don’t think there was ever a point about apps being pretty. :) But I strongly feel they shouldn’t be ugly – that is sure one point missed often. :)

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