• I really liked the idea and tried to use this utility for a while, but bugs made it pretty much unusable for me, so I had to uninstall. Too bad, though; if not for the bugs, it would be quite handy.

  • @Alek Davis

    Yeah, idea is sure solid. Decent text editors like Notepad++ usually have text replacement stuff… But it is confined to app itself.

    Definitely need to poke around for something better.

  • kelltic

    I use my launcher, Keybreeze, for this. I use it to insert lines that I would otherwise have to hold down the dash key or = key or whatever I am in the mood for. Personally, I like this one: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – to run across the page. Then there are the tedious things, like address, email, phone#. But best of all, I don’t have to open a symbol map to type in words and names that I commonly use, such as, Lóegaire or Cenn-fáelad.

  • kelltic

    Hmph. Kinda made mincemeat of my nifty line there, Rarst. Truncation at the expense of esthetics?

  • @Alek Davis

    I have that one bookmarked after clipboard posts and many comments. Will get to it eventually.


    I vaguely remember trying that launcher long time ago, didn’t like it. Need to re-visit some time.

    On that line – WordPress sanitizes input to near-death. Good for security, not so good for fancy snippets. :)

  • @DataRat

    Free version seems way too limited. I think I had used another product of theirs Macro Express in the past, but moved on to AutoIt since.

  • The DataRat


    “Free version seems
    way too limited”


    Yeah, it is. Only permits a ~total~ of 15 replacement
    shortcuts !

    Raticus bought the payware version. Just $25, and I
    use it all the time. It’s interface make Texter’s
    interface look primitive !

    The PC Rat is really ~cheap~. And it’s hard to get him
    to put out cash for an applet or utility. With something
    like this used constantly, though, it was worth every
    dime ! Have been using Short Keys for YEARS now.


    The Computer Rodent


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