• kelltic

    I have to wonder why this should be so difficult. If it was scary for you, imagine a know-nothing like me trying to follow MS’s instructions. I postponed installing Service pack 3 until the last minute. Well, until June 12th. If it failed, and I was afraid it would, I’d have had to decide whether to just stick with SP2 or run off to the tech’s place for a fix.

    Congrats on completing your diploma project on programming courses. Yes, you still have readers.

  • @kelltic

    Well, I will protect Microsoft here a bit. This particular PC was veeeeeery screwed up – tons of wares, malware and whatever.

    And even if SP3 was not installing it was also rolling back correctly and not breaking further system that was barely functional already.

    Ok, enough with protecting Microsoft – I hate Windows registry so much! :)

    Thanks and glad to have you!

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