Scintilla - secret recipe of good text editors

Sci Users rarely notice technology behind the software. Unless technology hits them and sends to download few dozens megs of something like Microsoft .NET Framework. :) But at times you encounter good program, then another one, then after some time yet another one… And suddenly realize they all have very same core inside.

This was totally the case for me and Scintilla. I hadn’t even known what it is until I was already using three different editors - all based on it.

Scintilla is not an application itself. It is text-editing component that is available (open source and cross-platform) for making end-user applications. Scintilla handles text itself, fonts, code highlight, etc. Application handles GUI and whatever developer wants to add on top of Scintilla.

Why would it matter to end user anyway? Consider “Scintilla inside” as quality brand. I know I do.

I am going to write follow-up posts on editors I use (and maybe on some I don’t) so treat this post as introduction.

Home page http://www.scintilla.org/
Sourceforge page https://sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=2439

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