• Rush

    Wow man, this one looks nice. Even has a free ipod/ iphone app. Scares me a little, although, not for any good reason. Like its almost too good to be true. The only thing I could find not to like was that it wasn’t open source. Looking at their client list however explains that quickly.
    I’m gonna check this one out. I know I say that every time with these remote apps but this one looks really cool.
    Great write up Rarst. Good find.

  • I’ve been using this for about 4 months now and can’t recommened it highly enough. One of the problems i’ve had using other remote apps is the restrictions with UAC (User Account Control) but team viewer is not effected by this.

  • @Rush

    Yep, this one packs some serious functions. I was like – so I can remote control… and retrieve system information… and talk with voice and webcam… Wow!

    @Web Design Preston

    One of the purposes of UAC was to force programmers to write software that works more correctly with Windows permissions system and doesn’t require admin rights all the time. Not surprising that high-profile and business-oriented apps have it done right.

  • @Rarst I totally agree but when your offering remote access it’s a right pain to asking people to click ok or accept. I did you use adobe connect which had this problem.

  • Sonia

    I used to have TeamViewer up to know because it’s really important especially if you want to teach someone on how to use such an application. They are might be critical terms and ways which can’t be expressed through words but with action and if that will be the case, then TeamViewer is the best tool to have.

    Sonia Trevor

  • Oddyjoy

    Pls i will like to know how teamviewer works cos i ve never heard about it before.

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