LangOver – fixes text typed in wrong layout

langover_icon Sometimes I am so spoiled by seemingly perfect solutions that I am totally reluctant to check alternatives. LangOver app to fix text in wrong keyboard layout beats all of my inbox records by gathering dust for sixteen months there. Well, I had to make myself test it some day.

What it does

If you have one than more keyboard language/layout installed you certainly know the situation when you start to type something and realize it is gibberish, supposed to be in different language.

From there:

  • users backspace through it;
  • power users ctrl+backspace;
  • power users with long and flexible fingers do shift+home, del.

Nuisance in any case. And you have to re-type text.

LangOver fixes this nuisance by giving you single-press hotkey that changes text (just typed or selected) into another layout.



Strong features

It works fine and with whatever language installed in your system. I don’t know if there are any languages not supported for some reason, but developer’s site has no indication of that.

There are couple of additional hotkeys, all of which are customizable, and fast dialog for Google Translate.


Noticed singular quantity of language above? There is a catch – app only converts between English and one additional language. No conversion between two non-English languages. No conversion between English and multiple additional languages.

Notably missing is holy grail feature of such apps (that takes experience from convenient to magical) – automatic switch.


Interface is what I call fancy for no good reason. It is functional but not really pleasant to use. To be fair not a huge disadvantage for an app that spends most of the time in background.


Did I say I am spoiled? Comparing to highly specialized software for specific pair (or more) of languages, such as Punto Switcher I use… LangOver seems pale and boring.

However it absolutely shines if you have no such app dedicated to language you use besides English. It is not awesome, but it gets task done.

Home&download http://www.langover.com/

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  • Jeniffer Be #

    Hi, I prefer LangOver on any other software in the net since it is very simple to use. Jeniffer U.S
  • Rarst #

    @Jeniffer Be Yep, it is certainly easy to use. I am just spoiled by Punto Switcher that is just as simple but much more functional. Usual balance of more specialized vs less specialized.