• Marius

    Right click selection method (Extras->Settings->Select Items->NC-Mode). “Windows native routines for file operations” remain biggest downside for me.

  • Ladron

    While the icon re-drawing is a problem FC is still a good file manager, one that I’ve used for several years now. One that I find even better is XYplorer (shareware) although $42 and good for only one upgrade version. =/

  • @Marius

    Thanks! I managed to completely miss that, looked for that setting few times and still… Updated post accordingly.

    Copy via Windows is probably largest downside for me as well. It is simply to unreliable and lack features like queuing that are a must.


    Yep, unfortunately many of good file managers are shareware. It isn’t hard to create file manager but it is hard to get it right and fast.

  • OAlexander

    Rolls Royce File Manager = Directory Opus.
    Price = also Rolls Royce.

  • @OAlexander

    About twice the price of Total Commander? It sure is expensive. Well, if it is still afloat then worth it to some people.

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