• Awesome! I’ll be trying this out to see if my 8800gt is burning up in my case!

  • Video cards can run pretty hot. I have passively cooled 1600XT and it has disabled heat sensor not to scare user with that temperature. :)

  • Rarst, I used speedfan to check my laptop’s fan condition. I was surprised to see that the fan was not detected on this s/w.

    Then i rebooted the laptop and checked the fan. The fan started but it stopped after 5 seconds.

    I want to know whether laptop fans are automated to start and stop based on the CPU temperature or they should keep running?

  • @Nihar

    Notebook have way more specific motherboards and chipsets than desktops, SpeedFan is not designed for those.

    Yep, fans in them are pretty automated. I don’t have notebook so I am no big expert, google Notebook Hardware Control. It wasn’t updated in a while but pretty good app made for notebooks.

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