ClipX – minimalistic clipboard manager

clipx_icon Post on software I don’t get brought a lot of discussion (trying to straight my wrong ways mostly). One of my readers szekelya was very vocal in support of ClipX app that enhances clipboard functions.

There were few more I had bookmarked to check out, but ClipX seemed like least trouble so I started with it.

What it does

ClipX is tiny utility that sits in memory and makes a log of things copied to clipboard:

  • text strings;
  • images;
  • file lists.


It doesn’t interfere with regular paste, but on Ctrl+Shift+V hotkey (or tray menu) context-like menu with all logged thinks shows and any of them can be quickly selected to paste.

Strong features

  • flexible configuration;
  • doesn’t interfere unless asked to;
  • tiny, completely portable (may require launch with –p argument) and overall unobtrusive.


While ClipX does complement regular feature set of clipboard nicely and I warmed up to the idea overall… I can’t say I liked this specific app.

  • interface is example of minimalistic ending up as poor usability – choosing one of multiply snippets fast is hard;
  • may interfere with other software, such as Microsoft Office clipboard manager;
  • eats insane amount of memory and crashes on extra-large copy/pastes (had to disable when working with my AutoIt/Excel data reading experiments). There is plugin to enforce size limits, still it is weird for that to not be native feature.


I have to admit it is sometimes nice to easily recall something copied while back. But I am not hooked on this particular app – it lacks in usability and (I feel) some kind of snippet managing functions.

Good introduction to concept. May leave hungry for better features.

Home&download http://clipx.org/

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  • JeeMan #

    I am really happy to see that even if a clipboard manager is the kind of software you don't get, you will at least give it a try! :-) As for my personal experience (and as I previously mentionned in the comments from your other article) I am using Ditto-CP. I have been using it for maybe two years, and I never encountered any of the problems you mentioned. I am really interested in the other articles you will write on this subject, it will allow me to compare from my personal experience. Thanks!
  • Rarst #

    @JeeMan Naturally. :) Yep, I went over all suggestions and Ditto-CP is likely the one I will try next. Features look interesting, will see how it goes for me.
  • Mark Spenceer #

    I love the clipboard cache function in PhraseExpress. It's a Freeware Autotext utility that also have a clipboard history saver. I like that it can strip off text formatting if I want it to. Mark
  • Rarst #

    @Mark Spenceer Will take a look, but site seems down at moment.
  • kelltic #

    Clip Cache. Very easy. I never know it is there until I need it. Then I click it up from the system tray and there is everything I've CTRL+C'd or CTRL+V'd. A word, a few lines of text, or graphics - anything at all that I've copied.
  • Rarst #

    @kelltic Talk about class of software without leader app... There is suddenly too many to try and in this case I am not even sure I want it in long term. :)
  • Clipper #

    I've tried a lot of these, and actually this seems to be the best so far. Nice, simple, very usable. Thanks.
  • Rarst #

    @Clipper You are welcome. :) Be sure to hang around for reviews of few more I am going to try.
  • The DataRat #

    Re-using text is essential to much of my on-line activity. So a good clipboard extender has become ESSENTIAL ! Have tried ~numerous~ clipboard extenders. The principle issue always being retrieval. How easily can you access text on the list of saved clips ? Used Clipboard Help and Spell for a couple years. ( All the while evaluating various other clipboard extenders. ) http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/clipboardhelpandspell/index.html But have switched to ClipX because it's simpler and easier. Only uses a little over 2-mb memory. Certainly acceptable on 64-bit Vista with 4-gb of installed physical RAM. [ Other utilities and applets I have running in the background use far more ! ] Must totally disagree with you about ClipX's "usability". Switched to it as my clipboard extender precisely because of it's usability ! Pop-out my Windows taskbar, left click the ClipX notification tray icon, and pick from the list of the most recent 25 saved text clips. Don't get more usable than ~that~ ! The DataRat .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Well, in this case usability i matter of personal taste. Didn't fit mine. As for memory usage I had plenty of trouble with ClipX, it has no protection from very large text chunks. I had experienced it chugging up to 500MB (!) of RAM and crashing for good in few cases.