• JeeMan

    I am really happy to see that even if a clipboard manager is the kind of software you don’t get, you will at least give it a try! :-)

    As for my personal experience (and as I previously mentionned in the comments from your other article) I am using Ditto-CP. I have been using it for maybe two years, and I never encountered any of the problems you mentioned.

    I am really interested in the other articles you will write on this subject, it will allow me to compare from my personal experience. Thanks!

  • @JeeMan

    Naturally. :) Yep, I went over all suggestions and Ditto-CP is likely the one I will try next. Features look interesting, will see how it goes for me.

  • I love the clipboard cache function in PhraseExpress. It’s a Freeware Autotext utility that also have a clipboard history saver.

    I like that it can strip off text formatting if I want it to.


  • @Mark Spenceer

    Will take a look, but site seems down at moment.

  • kelltic

    Clip Cache. Very easy. I never know it is there until I need it. Then I click it up from the system tray and there is everything I’ve CTRL+C’d or CTRL+V’d. A word, a few lines of text, or graphics – anything at all that I’ve copied.

  • @kelltic

    Talk about class of software without leader app… There is suddenly too many to try and in this case I am not even sure I want it in long term. :)

  • Clipper

    I’ve tried a lot of these, and actually this seems to be the best so far. Nice, simple, very usable. Thanks.

  • @Clipper

    You are welcome. :) Be sure to hang around for reviews of few more I am going to try.

  • The DataRat

    Re-using text is essential to much of my on-line activity. So a
    good clipboard extender has become ESSENTIAL !

    Have tried ~numerous~ clipboard extenders. The principle issue always
    being retrieval. How easily can you access text on the list of saved
    clips ?

    Used Clipboard Help and Spell for a couple years. ( All the while
    evaluating various other clipboard extenders. )


    But have switched to ClipX because it’s simpler and easier.

    Only uses a little over 2-mb memory. Certainly acceptable on 64-bit
    Vista with 4-gb of installed physical RAM. [ Other utilities and
    applets I have running in the background use far more ! ]

    Must totally disagree with you about ClipX’s “usability”. Switched
    to it as my clipboard extender precisely because of it’s usability !
    Pop-out my Windows taskbar, left click the ClipX notification tray
    icon, and pick from the list of the most recent 25 saved text clips.
    Don’t get more usable than ~that~ !

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    Well, in this case usability i matter of personal taste. Didn’t fit mine.

    As for memory usage I had plenty of trouble with ClipX, it has no protection from very large text chunks. I had experienced it chugging up to 500MB (!) of RAM and crashing for good in few cases.

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