• Rarst:
    I’m glad I could help spur a good post from anyone…!

    This is a great informative post. I totally appreciate the info, AND – I like the blog!

    I’ll be linking you up shortly…

  • Thanks, positive feedback is always nice – shows me I made decent start. Could use some negative to show what still needs tuning, but only good so far.

    Our blogs have similar themes so expect more good comments and references from me in the future. :)

  • […] This handy little gem was actually found through a website that I frequent called Rarst, the particular post outlining it vs another file unlocker. In the end Unlocker won out for me […]

  • nigel

    thanks to the writer here i have managed to get rid of a very annoying program (coupons.com) that just appeared one day and refused to leave. file assasin killed and removed it in seconds followed by a quick regiistry clean, reboot and it’s still gone hooray!

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