• Saurabh

    You could always use the old version. Usually they’ll be good enough for the job for years. I did the same with the old free version of Faststone capture, which was the only one among several other screenshot captors I tried which managed to capture Rainmeter widgets on the desktop.I did not try Picpicks and am not sure whether I tried MWSnap.

  • Saurabh

    Clarification: I was referring to the old free version of Picpick in my first line and not MWSnap which itself is old.

  • @Saurabh

    I know. I just decided its time to look for alternatives. :) PicPick didn’t get some functions by now and staying on old version is essentially discarding those for good.

    I used old FSCapture a lot, but it is also non-commercial use only btw.

    I’ve looked through some modern apps yesterday, but so far nothing I really like. :(

  • @Marius

    Tried that one yesterday. Lacks zoom, I like to see precisely where I start and with my poor eyesight that takes some magnifying.

    And not that it matters much, but still… that app has some crazy memory consumption. :)

  • I personally think that Mirek (or whatever his name is) died years ago…he could really have something huge if he updated MWSnap a little.

  • @Rob

    Well, his site is kept alive, even if not updated on some years.

  • Carlo

    I had it checked out with VirusTotal Uploader and it came back that there is a 4.7% chance that the new version has a keylogger or other virus in it… anybody confirm or deny?

  • @Carlo

    Which new version? MWSnap? App is really ancient…

    If you got something from non-official site that claims to be newer version than listed there – it it very likely to be a trojan indeed.

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