• I am sorry if this is a bit off-topic. I notice that in your feed this article has been duplicated. I noticed a similar problem on my blog’s feed a while ago. I was wondering if you might know what the cause of this could be. Sorry to have hijacked your comments this way.

  • @Lyndi

    Probably because I forgot to add tags and edited post shortly after posting. This often confuses sites/apps that work with RSS because minor changes to RSS item may make it look as different one.

    As far as I know wordpress makes this worse by pinging on every edit.

    There is no duplicate item in feed at moment, either it fixed itself already or that was your feed reader confused by edited item.

    And no problems with off-topic. :) It often gives me ideas for posts to write.

  • Thanks, now I know exactly what my problem was. I often forget about those tags or something else and then have to go back to edit. Thanks.

  • No problem. RSS is cool technology but it has some quirks when stuffing too much info in it. I read specification like dozen times probably and writing my own RSS framework currently but some things still puzzle me.

    Thanks for subscribing by the way. :)

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