• I’ve not used CureIt! I have used ClamWin, but not as a portable app. I think I need to add both to my toolbox since I do computer support for a living.

  • Yep, these are good addition to toolbox. :) I wonder why antivirus developers are not very focused on portable versions. Lots of portable in this field are cracked and modified versrions of commercial products – shows people are interested. Still very few Like DrWeb (CureIt) and PortableApps (ClamWin Portable) do it properly.

  • zach

    I use Dr. Web all of the time, love it. another one that i came across is Norman Malware cleaner.

  • @zach

    Thanks for suggestion, will check it out. :) Don’t think I heard much about Norman products.

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  • roy

    I have CA installed on my desktop and I love it but i am wondering if these will work as a backup plan just incase of a freak accident. anyone ever try these with CA or any other type of antivirus software installed on a PC?

  • @roy

    In general AV product don’t play well with each other. They use driver-based and other techniques to ensure they have low level access to stuff.

    Portable ones are less likely to cause issues (lack of background monitor module) but still I would advise against different AV products at the same time.

    You can always pause/disable your main antivirus if you want to do a scan with portable one.

  • Sanju Shrestha

    I have used the Cureit! earlier and i’m satisfied with it’s ability to scan and detect the virus.It’s really user friendly and every one can use it with ease.

  • Seaso ned

    Used both: ClamWin since 2001 and Dr.Web later.
    For me Dr.Web is much better than ClamWin.
    ClamWin’s super duper SLOW Scanning speed is biggest letdown.
    I know it’s nit-picking for something free but well, that’s the bloody truth.

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