• This is a brilliant app, using it on my laptop for a couple of days now. I think the only concern is whether or not the pro version warrants its price / use for everyday users just wanting to see how their battery is doing.

  • @Alex

    Now I am wondering what was the first the comment or the tweet. :)

  • Just when I need it, since the native battery bar gone MIA. Thanks :)

  • @MK

    Good to have right timing. :)

    btw I see two copies of your comment, were there some problems submitting? I am still (lazily) testing my antispam plugin so on lookout for bugs.

  • The first comment didn’t show up when I refresh this page, that’s why I resubmit it. Your antispam plugin is working fine, I think. Just that I turned off my proxy right after I press submit, not sure if it is related though.

  • @MK

    I am using static cache plugin so you probably got old cached page on immediate refresh.

    And if you aren’t noticing my antispam plugin then it indeed works fine. :)

  • That “battery wear” stat is a really cool thing to have. That alone makes this app worth it to me.

  • @Spot Cool Tech

    Yeah, but will take some time to test it. My notebook is mostly used in table/powered scenario so far.

    Thanks for visit and comment btw. :)

  • Nice look,i have no any battery bar in my laptop.it is available,but i think its hidden.

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