BatteryBar – notebook battery meter done right

batterybar_icon Notebook software setup obviously is somewhat different from desktop. One of the core aspects is being disconnected from wall socket and having countdown to shutdown.

Battery monitor provided by Windows is usable but awful (as many native Windows utilities are) and I just got post on battery meters by MakeUseOf in my RSS reader so I picked one of those – BatteryBar.

What it does

Battery bar installs as taskbar panel that shows current status with estimated charge/discharge time and additional information on hover.


I like apps that utilize taskbar (see my post on SmartStartMenu launcher) because I consider it very underused area. Trick here is to show core information without taking too much space and BatteryBar does that just fine.

Another good aspect (that would take me some time to properly check) is keeping statistics and calculating battery wear level.

Free version limitations

Pro version of app offers plenty of additional settings and functions such as alerts and customizable indicator looks. It may interest true road warriors but for me free informational part is perfectly enough.


Free, single-function app with great design and usability.

Home&download http://www.osirisdevelopment.com/BatteryBar/index.html

Do you have notebook? What are your favorite notebook-specific applications? Please share those in the comments or suggest in Skribit widget in sidebar. :)

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  • Alex #

    This is a brilliant app, using it on my laptop for a couple of days now. I think the only concern is whether or not the pro version warrants its price / use for everyday users just wanting to see how their battery is doing.
  • Rarst #

    @Alex Now I am wondering what was the first the comment or the tweet. :)
  • MK #

    Just when I need it, since the native battery bar gone MIA. Thanks :)
  • Rarst #

    @MK Good to have right timing. :) btw I see two copies of your comment, were there some problems submitting? I am still (lazily) testing my antispam plugin so on lookout for bugs.
  • MK #

    The first comment didn't show up when I refresh this page, that's why I resubmit it. Your antispam plugin is working fine, I think. Just that I turned off my proxy right after I press submit, not sure if it is related though.
  • Rarst #

    @MK I am using static cache plugin so you probably got old cached page on immediate refresh. And if you aren't noticing my antispam plugin then it indeed works fine. :)
  • Spot Cool Tech #

    That "battery wear" stat is a really cool thing to have. That alone makes this app worth it to me.
  • Rarst #

    @Spot Cool Tech Yeah, but will take some time to test it. My notebook is mostly used in table/powered scenario so far. Thanks for visit and comment btw. :)
  • Indian Matrimony #

    Nice look,i have no any battery bar in my laptop.it is available,but i think its hidden.