star_icon Something this blog was missing. List of ridiculously good stuff. Things that are simple, efficient and awesome. Apps that make you afraid to forget flash drive more than mobile phone.

Behold – the best of best in first year of this blog.

AutoIt AutoItprogramming language that you can use instead of spending years learning it. Fills the gaps of anything with very functional and easy to write scripts.

dropbox_icon Dropbox – super efficient online sync and backup. It gets messy part out of process while leaving all tasty advantages in.

ccleaner_icon CCleanersystem cleanup that just works and doesn’t break system while at it. Thorough, customizable and portable it hits golden balance of maintenance tool.

cobian_backup_icon Cobian Backupbackup utility that quietly hums as system service and reliably gets any data to anywhere in any form on very strict schedule.

drweb_icon CureIt – compact, portable, useful and free antivirus scanner. I lost count to number of times it had saved a day and number of computers it brought back from dead.

everything_icon Everything – redefines file search. Lightning speed and powerful filtering improve file managing as much as inventing file managers itself did in the past.

feeddemon_icon FeedDemonRSS reader that makes skimming hundred or two of feeds easy. Convenient both to use on desktop and benefit from native online integration.

flashfolder_icon FlashFolder – tiny thing that is most major time saving interface extension I know. Turns interaction with standard open/save dialogs into fast and mindless process.

jkdefrag_icon JkDefrag – ultimate defragmentation tool. Easy to use, customizable if needed and looks impressive enough to make PC look important and busy during process.

nppic Notepad++ – supreme text editor that handles anything from notes to code. Powerful, extensible and streamlined for editing texts faster and better.

Opera Opera – just a browser. Stable, wicked fast, packs so much under surface and can be customized so far that it if I had to name my main app that would be it.

resnooze_icon Resnoozereminders service that made list of best software by person who openly dislikes online apps. Whatever note you want in email the minute you want to get it.

spacesniffer_icon SpaceSnifferdisk space treemap. This app took old boring idea and got it polished into cutting edge tool for slicing space usage.

So, what is your favorite tool picked up from this blog? If none - this post is best start for that. :)

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  • Aaron #

    Well I just found SpaceSniffer from this list and I think I'm in love. I use WinDirStat all over the place here at work (as I am the only IT guy) and this may just change everything. At least it's great for a quick-n-dirty looksy.
  • Rarst #

    @Aaron Yeah, I had used WinDirStat myself, but SpaceSniffer easily replaced it before I knew it. :) Filter by mask is especially awesome. Hadn't seen comment from you in months, glad you are still around. :)
  • kelltic #

    That was fun - checking out your list. Will you be doing this once a year? You can use Resnooze to remind you when it's time. Once in a while I find some awesome little gem of an application - and it fizzles as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Nobody ever reviews it. Never gets noticed. Then there are programs that I keep hoping someone will create - but it never happens. Back in the days of Windows95 (remember that anyone, or is it only me again?) there were a couple of little wonders that I'd love to find XP versions for. Have you done an article on web apps/cloud computing? I'd like to have your take on that hot topic. Myself I like the words: desktop, stand-alone, privacy, mine. And the phrase: Yours, mine, and mine.
  • Rarst #

    @kelltic I plan to make this one permanently linked in some visible spot and update next blog birthday. :) Or maybe few times a year, will see how it goes. Yeah, little gems are awesome to discover and use. As for something that you want developed or re-developed my best advice is to be vocal about that. Many programmers like to code small useful apps so sooner or later someone will point you in right direction or will pick your idea to implement. I am not big fan of cloud stuff, mostly because connections had only recently reached decent speed/stability/price ratio around here. So far I prefer doing things local and using powerful online and offline sync routines to keep data distributed and backed up. You can read posts on online service reliability and software vs service for part of my thoughts on topic.
  • kelltic #

    So - I guess you found something you didn't like about my previous post? My email address was not the one I usually use? Too far off topic? OK, then. How about just the paragraph I was afraid I'd omitted - which is why I checked back? It said: That was fun - checking out your list. Will you be doing this once a year? You can use Resnooze to remind you when it's time.
  • Rarst #

    @kelltic Ehm? :) Your previous comment is perfectly there. It may take some time for comments to appear because of static page caching.
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  • Pallab #

    Wow! I haven't even heard of quite a few software in the list (Resnooze, Flashfolder and Cureit). Going to check them out. Opera is my fav browser and is my fav app. Btw, as a compliment (not replacement) to CCleaner I would suggest DiskMax. Also take a look at NeoSearch from the same developer. Like Everything it indexes the entire file system in an instant. However, it is a skinnier version of Everything. It has fewer features but is significantly lighter. And oh yeah, I absolutely hate SpaceSniffer. It almost gives me an headache! Hundrds of tiny sq boxes all over my screen just makes me feel confused. I prefer the Tuneup Utilities approach. I don’t want visualisation just give me the list of 100 biggest files on my disk and I can see which of them I can delete.
  • Rarst #

    @Pallab Hope you like new finds. Will take a look on your suggestions, thanks! btw Everything is quite light (for my taste). Maybe because I had used some search stuff that sucks too much in the past. :) As for SpaceSniffer - treemaps are one of those interface kinds that people either love or hate. Personally I like treemaps a lot.
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