• […] is a portable font manager for the Windows operating system that was recently reviewed by Rarst on his blog and also added to Appnews, our latest software updates project. Font managers can be […]

  • @Jonny

    I stay as far from Air as I can. That thing has no idea what Windows app should look like (focusing on crossplatform instead – which I don’t care about) and resource consumption is ugly.

  • Transcontinental

    Aesthetic and more functions than a plain Font viewer. A nice discovery, hello Rarst (I’m discovering your website via AppNews) and thanks.

  • @Transcontinental

    Hi! Thanks for your comment and welcome to blog. :)

  • Have you had/heard of any issues with crashes with this software. I just tried it out and for the most part it’s pretty sweet. However, when I went to maximize my window it told me there wasn’t enough memory for that function and crashed. Also, I tried uninstalling a font and then looked in the uninstalled fonts folder and it wasn’t there. It also didn’t end up staying in the installed fonts folder. I had to go back and manually reinstall it.

  • @Ryan

    Maximizing works just fine for me and I hadn’t any crashes so far.

    When you uninstall fonts it gives you dialog asking do you want to delete font file/leave it/backup it. Maybe you clicked through too fast? Happens to me at times, damn mouse reflexes. :)

  • Transcontinental

    No problem of any type here and up to now, including maximizing.

  • PhilipS

    One tip — if you click the “Download” button on the Lexus web site, you get an executable installer which requires Admin rights to install. (For people like me, who are working on locked-down computers, that won’t work.) But if you click the “Download Zip Version” link you get a Zip file you can just unzip straight to your USB drive (or wherever you like).

    Thanks for the posting — this looks like just what I was looking for.

  • @PhilipS

    Yeah, I always prefer no-instal/portable versions. Even if I rarely end up without admin rights. :)

    Glad app fits your needs.

  • That was an inspiring post,

    This is a great tool for managing your fonts… really useful

    Thanks for writing, most people don’t bother.

  • Really useful tool especially the preview feature as noted – I couldn’t get the backup function to work at first but OK now.

  • @Rarst

    Thank you friend, very nice posts.

  • portability is a big must for me these days. just what i needed, with preview. thank you

  • Hi,

    I started to look after of things I have heard / seen in the past couple of years regarding windows performance. During the process I have read many interesting things about prefetch/superfetch, whether stopping unnecessary services increase performance or not, and stuff. Also found a great defrag tool that optimizes the disk by organizing system files to the beginning (fast disk access area) of the HDD.

    However I haven’t found information about how will affect system performance if you have many fonts installed. I have Vista, most users use Win7. I’m not sure if many active fonts still slow down booting and the running system.

    My hobby is desktop customization, that involves installing many fonts.

    I have found NexusFont at xiles.net, that says, it autoactivates fonts when applications need them, but the fonts are not installed into the system, which makes it faster.

    Do you have any experience whether this is still a topic to be taken care of, or vista/7 uses fonts differently?


  • @szekelya

    It is commonly believed that having too many fonts installed impacts performance. However I had never seen any information on either how many “too many” is or does it even matter for modern Windows versions and modern hardware.

    You can try asking on http://superuser.com/ or around there.

  • Tracy Saritzky

    I really like this program, but after using it for a day or two, it suddenly started crashing when I so much as touch it. Anyone else have a problem? WindowsXP

  • @Tracy Saritzky

    I hadn’t used it in a while, but don’t think I ever had such issue.

  • Tracy Saritzky

    Is there a maximum number of fonts, installed or just listed, that, when exceeded, can make the program crash? This is making me crazy as I am trying to minimize the number of fonts installed at one time to see if my computer runs faster, and this is the only program I can find that lets me put the same font in more than one category (using tags) and will also let me view multiple fonts at once to compare.

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