• The DataRat

    And, of course, you ~don’t~ need to hack the ini file to change the
    number of Speed Dial buttons in Opera 10. Now “Configure Speed Dial”
    allows up to 25 buttons …and also your own personalized custom
    background !

    Speed Dial is ANOTHER Opera first the other browsers just imitate.
    Customization being what recommends Opera, and working the way you
    want to work the reason for using Opera.

    Sure, it’s not as fast as Chrome. But vis-a-vis personalization and
    feature set, Chrome is ~primitive~ ! ( Opera is still something like
    four times faster than Internet Explorer. So it ain’t exactly slow. )

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    Yep, post is back from time when this was unofficial hack. It is indeed awesome just how simple idea is and how many years we spent staring at blank and useless new pages.

    Opera excels at fresh ideas, part of what makes it such a great browser.

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