• DaWur

    Great piece of software, using it for years now.

  • @DaWur
    Yep, totally agree. :) Very simple to use but sooo functional.

  • @Brad

    Port forwarding is one of the biggest issues people have when running home server stuff. :) Luckily I am on Ethernet connection with real IP myself.

    Blogging Idol is over, I ended in upper half of list but faaaar from taking a shot at winning.

  • @Brad

    Yeah, Internet historically sucked in my disctrict so I ended up making big deposit (8+ months payment in advance) to get optical line to building.

    Living happily since. :)

  • @Brad

    I am not big believer in wireless. Biggest WiFi network around here boasts 55 (fifty five) access points… across all country. :)

    But using EDGE with cell and new tablet at times. Became surprisingly affordable lately 1$ per day of access (not using – not paying) and cheap traffic.

  • I’m starting to feel that way too. Although, its the ONLY way to get highspeed out where I live. I’m rural :)

    We should be twittering or IMing this conversation, not taking up your valuable comment section. LOL.

  • JeeMan

    Rarst, you just saved my behind again with a great and simple piece of software. Thanks! :)

  • @JeeMan

    Always glad to. :) HFS is indeed great, useful and very stable app.

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