• @Saurabh

    Interesting tweak. I wish Opera made it easier to change images in interface. Most of the time people are forced to either modify files or stick with reusing standard images.

  • Saurabh

    True. The inability to change the speed dial icons easily hurts the most. Corresponding speed dial extensions on Chrome and Firefox meanwhile make that look especially simple.

  • i as far as i can tell, opera it’s gaining on chrome and firefox, but a bit slowly. nonetheless i always had an attraction towards opera and i hope it will satisfy all browsing needs soon.

  • @EuroVPS

    The important fact that Opera is growing and being developed steadily. Personally I don’t care much about where it is in number of users, as long as it is damn good browser for me.

    If I may ask what does it still lacks as for your needs?

  • Vadimir

    Thanks very much for this tip! The best thing about it – no need to install any 3rd party plugins, just tinker with buil-in functions in Opera.

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