• Biomancer

    Still, that mode switch rarely happens with no reasons, and in my practice it’s usually caused by some hardware problems, like damaged IDE cable, or, sometimes, even a dying drive. So PIO mode is always a warning for me…

  • @Biomancer

    Yeah, for hard drive it is usually bad sign.

    But for optical drives this is often triggered by petty reasons like crappy disc. In this last case it was triggered by mistakingly choosing too high speed for burning disc.

  • This had happened to me quite a few times, right before my Optical drive died. I got so frustrated towards the end that I downloaded a small vbscript to automatically do this stuff for me.

  • really 1000s of thanks to u for shring this…

  • Sameera

    I have same problem with my DVD writer. After I get this error, I sold the DVD writer to friend & got new one (Both are Samsung). New one also have same problem. After few days it stop working. It is still within the warranty period. So I get new one. It also have same problem. Few month later I sold It to another friend & and get new LG DVD writer. It works fine for few month and brother gave it to someone else. Then he gave me a new Samsung DVD writer. Unfortunately it have a same problem like other Samsung DVD writers. (I think Samsung don’t support my motherboard). Thanks for sharing info. But it wont solve my problem yet.

    P.s. – I also have a ASUS DVD writer at my working place. It also have same problem.

  • Sameera

    I foget to tell what method I use to solve this problem.
    1. My motherboard has 4 SATA ports.
    2. Usually 1st one for HD and second one for DVD.
    3. after few DVD burns, It slow down as I said above.
    4. Here is the trick, Turn off computer and open the cover. Then change DVD writer SATA port to next one. For me it is 3rd SATA port. After slow down with this port use next one.
    5. Usually I check speed of my DVD drive with Nero speed check utility. When it says my drive is slow down below normal I do as said above.

    p.s. – Sorry for the bad english

  • Sameera

    Thanks for your information. Its solve my problem.

    In my computer it is secondary IDE channel. I right click and uninstall it. Then I right click on main root icon and select scan for new hardware change. Now it is work fine.

    Thanks again…….

  • @Sameera

    Glad it was of use. If you get this issue repeatedly with different drives you might have faulty cable that causes errors and transfer mode to degrade.

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