Snowbird – stupidly simple and fast file manager

The app had been discontinued by developer.

snowbird_icon Every time we with Martin turn gHacks comments into semi-private (what are two millions or so monthly visitors) chat I remember something I had picked up from there and probably should blog about at last.

This time it is Snowbird – fast alternative for Windows Explorer.

What it does

If Q-Dir is Explorer that someone had lovingly modded then Snowbird is Explorer that was angrily mutilated with chainsaw.


It browses and searches files. With some effort it can also copy them. So – why bother…

Strong side

It is fast. It is ridiculously fast. And if for local files it simply fastest file manager I had ever seen, for browsing local network it is something even science fiction failed to predict.

Equipped with nice set of hotkeys, mouse gestures and breadcrumb that manages to be useful (as opposed to usual obnoxious) Snowbird delivers fantastic file browsing experience.

Missing stuff

Everything else. Really – it cannot do a thing. I mean even drag and drop is missing.


While offering excellent speed Snowbird sadly fails to combine it with spectacular functions (few can pull that of like Everything does). Still for straight simple browsing or turning upside down network shares this is the app to use.

PS know any other apps that focus on speed? I realized lately that I miss feeling of clicking and not having to wait for result.

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  • Rencontres #

    Ive been using Snowbird for a while im satisfied from that small program. The review is exactly right , its simple and works fast. What more do you need ? Ah i missed to mention that the software is FREE to use :)
  • Rarst #

    @Rencontres Well, there was nothing more to say about it. :) software is FREE to use Most things I post about here are. Would be tricky to evaluate that much payware and who doesn't like good freebie? :)
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  • Manu #

    @RencontresWell, there was nothing more to say about it. :)software is FREE to useMost things I post about here are. Would be tricky to evaluate that much payware and who doesn’t like good freebie? :)
    Your right. Its neccessary, that the ones who know much about the internet and the freeware, tell this the people who have difficulties oversea the world wide web. So tell others more and help them...
  • Rarst #

    @Manu Well, I guess I am doing my share of telling by running this blog. :)
  • Manu #

    @Rarst Great! :-D