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[update 2010-07-10] since this post was written Opera had got native flashblock-like functionality for all plugin-powered content, called On Demand Plugin mode.

Adobe Flash is powerful and widely (ab)used technology. Complete opt-out is easy by uninstalling or disabling browser plugin. However that cuts off plenty of useful together with unwanted.

Flashblock for Opera is plugin-like tweak that replaces flash embedded in pages with clickable buttons which can be pressed to play it.

How it works

Flashblock uses less known Opera features that allow to attach custom Java Script and CSS rules to web-pages. There are a lot of ways to benefit from those but lack of clear integration and usability (so unlike Firefox plugin system) limits it to remain power user toy.

In case of Flashblock all hard work is already done and it must only be downloaded and installed.

How it looks



Each piece of flash in page is replaced with clickable flash logo. Some logos seem to do nothing and correspond to flash that has no visible output.


It is somewhat tricky to get it running. Documentation bundled with Flashblock covers it in detail. In short:

  1. Copy Flashblock CSS file to user styles folder in Opera profile.
  2. Copy Flashblock Java Script files to Opera scripts folder (you may have to create this one).
  3. Enable it in custom CSS styles (View > Style).

Flashblock comes with few sites (such as YouTube) whitelisted and more can be added by editing whitelist script.


Hardly user-friendly but as long as you get through installation once – it gets job done nicely.

Home&download http://my.opera.com/Lex1/blog/flashblock-for-opera-9

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