• Do you by any chance know if the newer version of Base can open MS Access files now?

    Had a lot of trouble getting round this issue. MS Access is a daemon to install in Wine.

  • @David Hopkins

    I think, or more like I’d been told that Access still uses closed proprietary format so it is very unlikely for any software to open its files directly.

    Quick googling shows some references to this driver, but solution seems kinda outdated and of course won’t handle new Office 2007 format

    By the way does ODBC work on Linux? I think it meant exactly for this – connecting different databases in standard way.

  • mdbtools is just some little library that lets you open Access files etc. However, I seem to remember they are read only.

    I am pretty sure you can connect to ODBC databases with Base on Linux. I rmemeber seeing it in there.

  • Generator

    Portable Java Runtime is a great idea. Unfortunately big portable apps such as Open Office or Thunderbird are very slow. I think that Open Office in connection with a Java will be very slow. I write this because I use in my job a Thunderbird Portable and it’s very slow (in comparison to non-portable edition).

  • @Generator

    Not sure I notice any performance hit in portable versions of OpenOffice and Firefox which I use most out of PortableApps.

    Maybe you are using slow flash drive or something?

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