• @Donace

    They are planning Symbian and Windows Mobile support. I somewhat doubt that it would run on current Symbian devices, maybe on latest touch screen ones – there will be plenty by the time Fennec reaches release.

    And that it runs on Maemo means it will most probably run on mobile version of Ubuntu so on MID devices.

    As I wrote in post lots of functions sounds nice but mobile hardware is limited. I think Mozilla devs are taking their time and aiming for upcoming Internet-centric devices – tablets and MIDs, rather than mobile phones only.

  • @Donace

    Android might be interesting (for me), too early to tell. Mobile future is likely to be decided by Android vs open source Symbian clash. Unless Microsoft produces something good and fast.

  • Donace

    Looks very interesting indeed; but what other phones would be compatible?

    Right not I have the HTC Kaiser and using a mixture of opera/and IE browser. However Fennec with its plugin support would be a lot more beneficial; especially if it can sync with my firefox settings and plugins.

  • Donace

    Well I can wait :p New HTC (best pda/phones in my opinion) built on Andriod is due in the future :p

    Though I’ll wait for the beta and see if it works on Windows OS on the HTC.

  • Opera mini now has a competitor. I agree, this should be fun. Curious to see what’s gonna come next. Great name for a product, by the way.

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