• Download link of .NET Framework is broken. Pls fix it.

  • @Navjot Singh

    Link was correct but only worked if you browsed on it from Microsoft site (stupid). Changed to FileHippo link, big thanks for noticing! :)

  • Adrian


    Where did Shockwave Player go?? It’s different from Flash Player, and most online games require Shockwave. Also, you can use JavaRa @ http://raproducts.org/ to update Java RE and also delete previous unused versions of Java.


  • @Adrian

    Where did Shockwave Player go?
    You mean why not in post? :) Honestly I hadn’t need for Shockwave for years. I don’t even remember when I had last seen it installed on any PC.

    I had looked at JavaRa in the past but as for me – excessive. Recent JRE versions do better work keeping its garbage under control and I download setup package when it hits RSS anyway.

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  • I was looking for .Net Framework, and was not able to find it on Microsoft website. Then I remembered you had this post. So, I came here, and got the direct URL. Thanks buddy :)

  • @Ishan

    No problem. :) Microsoft sites are indeed pain to navigate.

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