FTPpie – analyze space storage usage on FTP

ftppie_icon There are plenty of excellent tools (like SpaceSniffer) that can slice and dice usage of precious hard drive space. Unfortunately they fail with FTP servers where space might be even more precious but harder to account for.

FTPpie is simple utility that builds pie chart of space used on FTP server or specific folder of one.

What it does

App asks for usual connection details and directory to scan on FTP server. Then it crawls that path and builds pie chart and simple browsable directory tree that shows how much space files and directories occupy.


There are few relevant options to chooses:

  • size unit or display file count instead;
  • total available storage to include it on chart for visual reference;
  • cluster size that may account for additional space files take on server.


FTPpie seems to have problems with folders it cannot navigate through because of access permissions or other reasons. One of plugins I use on this blog creates directory for cache that can’t be simply opened and it was enough to hang scan process.


Very simple utility that serves very specific purpose. Still I fail to remember any alternatives so if you need to work with FTP accounts of limited size it is quite useful.

Home&download http://www.satsignal.eu/software/net.htm#FTPpie

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