• szekelya

    Thanks for the great review!

    I’ll fire up a forum on the site for both bugreports and feature requests (filling in myself with your ideas).
    The plan is to fix 1-2 minor bugs first, then prioritize and implement new features.

    Probably the configuration gui will be one of the first things to add, introducing enable/disable toggle switches for each of the features.
    The snap to right/left/top/bottom half screen idea is so good that I don’t even really understand why haven’t I did it in the first release. :) It will be definitely there.

    What I probably won’t be able to do, and actually don’t really think it would be a feature for everyone is the Win7-like behavior, when you can move a window to a screen edge to trigger this half-screen resize.

    So feature requests are more than welcome, as long as I can implement them, and think that won’t be too confusing, I’ll add them.

    BTW, what do you think about transparency? Earlier I made a script to make all but the active window transparent (transparency level can be customized) by a friends request. I found that a bit out of context here, but maybe if it’s optional, (I imagine less than 10 users worldwide for this feature :) ) could be added too.

  • szekelya

    A forum is up and running. If you come and leave me some comments, likes, dislikes, bugreports, feature requests, you’d make my day.

  • @szekelya

    I think Win7 snap is nice eye-candy, but such function would work just fine with functionality alone, without SFX.

    Personally I hate transparency in interfaces. I dislike how it looks and how it breaks my concentration. Sharp and solid forms for the win. :)

  • szekelya

    New release is out, and some snapping is introduced. :)

  • @szekelya

    Yeah, caught that in RSS and already pushed to Appnews. :)

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