How to fix JavaScript in Internet Explorer

internetexplorer_icon My Windows installation at home had very broken Internet Explorer 6:

  • it was crashing all the time;
  • rendered pages in a way I can only call delusional;
  • JavaScript was not working.

Exceptionally suitable for testing this blog. However when I actually needed JS working – problem was not easily fixable.

JavaScript is gone

At first I assumed that problem with scripts is coming from security settings. All setting turned out to be fine. JS was simply gone. Browser was aware of it theoretical existence but completely blind when encountered actual scripts in pages.

To make things even more weird IE was not even seeing content tag which is made exactly for case when JS support is not available or disabled.

Upgrading Internet Explorer

If something is broken in unobvious way reinstalling might be easy answer.

  • I could not get IE6 to reinstall – it was claiming I have later version of IE5 (ehm, 5?) installed already;
  • IE7 installed just fine.

Except JavaScript was still broken. It even made matter worse – initial in-browser settings page of IE7 is script-heavy. Browser was starting with blank page and couldn’t save home page or sessions.

Reinstalling JavaScript

Turns out scripting support in Windows instead of being part of browser is part of Windows Script. It comes bundled as part of OS but for versions prior to Windows XP Service Pack 3 it is also available as separate download.

Downloading and installing perfectly fixed my problem. Now I need to find properly broken Internet Explorer for my testing elsewhere. :)

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  • Donace #

    I thought I read you say you were using IE6!!! lol...the best way to beat the issue though is to upgrade...or use firefox/opera/chrome instead.
  • Rarst #

    @Donace I am Opera user. :) And the point of testing in IE is doing it in IE. It sucks but stil main browser worldwide. On this blog Firefox is dominating even if I post most about Opera. PS I won't touch Chrome with a pole for a long time. It is nice tech but more like blueprint than usable browser at moment.
  • unzim #

    Hello Have the same problem. It was done by virus. find an easy solution. http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Dial-a-fix (mirror http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4899.html) Solve this problem automaticaly by reinstalling components. Еры program also fix windows update problem and some more. With best regards
  • Rarst #

    @unzim Thanks for suggestion, will check it out. :)
  • unzim #

    If you only knew how many time I spend in searching... Hope my information can help anyone. With best regards.
  • Kate #

    This has been driving me batty. I still don't see a link for reinstalling javascript though. And as the early post says...installing a newer version DOES NOT fix this problem. It still exist.
  • Kate #

    Ok...found the link, but have to figure out how to uninstall SP3 have to do that before I can reinstall script.
  • Rarst #

    @Kate IF SP3 was installed on its own (not from installation disc of Windows with it already embedded) then it can be uninstalled as any program. Unless you deleted backed up system files with CCleaner or something similar.