• Donace

    I thought I read you say you were using IE6!!! lol…the best way to beat the issue though is to upgrade…or use firefox/opera/chrome instead.

  • @Donace

    I am Opera user. :) And the point of testing in IE is doing it in IE. It sucks but stil main browser worldwide.

    On this blog Firefox is dominating even if I post most about Opera.

    PS I won’t touch Chrome with a pole for a long time. It is nice tech but more like blueprint than usable browser at moment.

  • @unzim

    Thanks for suggestion, will check it out. :)

  • unzim

    If you only knew how many time I spend in searching…

    Hope my information can help anyone.

    With best regards.

  • Kate

    This has been driving me batty. I still don’t see a link for reinstalling javascript though.

    And as the early post says…installing a newer version DOES NOT fix this problem. It still exist.

  • Kate

    Ok…found the link, but have to figure out how to uninstall SP3
    have to do that before I can reinstall script.

  • @Kate

    IF SP3 was installed on its own (not from installation disc of Windows with it already embedded) then it can be uninstalled as any program. Unless you deleted backed up system files with CCleaner or something similar.

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