How to deal with aging software reviews?

The feed had been since discontinued.

Programmers have interesting term “bit rot” which means that unmaintained program slowly dies. I often thought that posts on software are suffering from same.

What happens with post after it’s done and published? Should reviewed program be followed or forgotten? Does new version deserve new post? Maybe they do but endless stream of updates without content is way too boring to fit in blog. Piling up updates in periodical digest (see popular blog www.ghacks.net for example) is best compromise I saw implemented… while most blogs don’t even bother to do anything.

So after starting this blog I came to very same problem (from the other side of the fence) - how am I going to follow software after I am finished with post on it. I decided to borrow feature uncommon to blogs but very common to software portals - RSS feed with updates for all software featured here. It won’t have post’s content, only links to them and to download pages.

I think it is nice way to keep readers notified while not cluttering blog at the same time.

And of course usual feed with full post content http://feeds.rarst.net/rarst-posts

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  • The DataRat #

    . Well, Rarst, having just completed reading every last page of your 62 page archives (posting here on many of them), I can say 'Retain your archives for the benefit of new readers of your blog ...like me' ! It's been a terrific ride. . The DataRat .
  • Rarst #

    @DataRat Yay! That means I would no longer have to answer two dozen comments every day? :))) Quite a feat from you and I am happy that you found that many value in my archives. Thank you for reading!
  • The DataRat #

    . "That means I would no longer have to answer two dozen comments every day ?" . Yup. ( No need to reply to ~this~ one ! ) . The DataRat .