• I see a total rip-off. Like you said, copying rarely work.

  • @MK

    Define rip-off? :) FileHippo is hardly first software portal. Design is similar, but that’s hardly strange online.

    Personally I don’t think that being inspired by FileHippo is bad thing here, it depends a lot on where AcmeFiles goes further. It’s barely week online.

    If it would end up direct FileHippo clone – it will lose to it miserably. If it will do more or better or different – we’ll have one more software portal to choose from.

  • I normally use only download.com to go through all types of tools and softwares.

  • @Nihar

    I remember download.com as complete mess – overkill amount of advertisement, numerous splash pages, hard to get to actual download. May have improved in recent years but I stopped visiting long time ago.

  • Anyone knows a script or CMS for making a site similar with these 2? (filehippo and acme)?

  • @AlexTC

    Hm, I don’t think this type of site is so off-the-shelf for specialized CMS to be developed for it. At least I don’t know of one and don’t remember any of software portals running anything other than they developed for themselves.

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