• […] Iperf was one of the earliest apps covered at this blog (second only to Opera) and I still happily use it. Strangely, until recently I had completely missed JPerf utility that equips Iperf with graphical interface to escape horrors of command line setup. […]

  • Sean

    Nice script, just a few things: you misspelled bandwidth in your script name and the psexec command is missing -c to copy the iperf exe to the target PC. It should read like this:

    @echo off
    psexec \\%1 -s -d -c “C:\Windows\System32\iperf.exe” -s
    iperf -c %1
    pskill \\%1 iperf.exe

  • @Sean

    Typo fixed. :)

    As for copy to remote, my version was setup to simply run executable from shared folder (accessible to remote machine). Copying is needed if you are sending up local file, like in your example.

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