• I absolutely love these kind of sticky notes. Make it so easy to keep track of to-do items, and free my computer screen from all the post-its. My favorite one is “Stickies” , because of some very interesting features.

  • @Ishan

    Myself I like the idea but hadn’t put them in my work-flow properly yet. Probably I just don’t need many notes often so keeping things simple.

    Thanks for suggestion, bookmarked to check it out.

  • JeeMan

    Interesting review, thanks! I tried this software a couple of time, but I just cannot get used to creating a new note when I need it; I will always reach for a paper and pen first.

    Maybe it’s time I give it another try…

  • @JeeMan

    Moving paper out of reach helps. I try to keep no paper close at work because plenty of people unconsciously start to scribe crap over it… Ruined my notes more than once. :)

  • The DataRat

    Very advanced. Even does graphics (pictures) !

    The DataRat

  • @The DataRat

    Despite numerous tries virtual PostIt notes just don’t work for me… On other hand I am now very much into WorkFlowy.

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