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laptopvideo_icon Having to look for notebook drivers to downgrade from Vista to XP often nominates week for worst one of the year.

Luckily last time I’ve found excellent resource that was of huge help unlike Acer that decided to kill XP drivers on their FTP.


Site is mostly focused on NVIDIA drivers (both desktop and mobile)

  • with extensive timeline of release;
  • flexible search;
  • information on WHQL status and inclusion of international files.

Core topic (seems to be the one that started site) is using INF files to fix and tweak various issues with NVIDIA drivers. I hadn’t owned NVIDIA card in years but it seems like interesting stuff even to me, owners of compatible hardware would probably get much more value.


If site qualifies at useful then forum qualifies as lifesaver. Numerous sub-forums cover ton of topics going beyond graphic drivers to notebook drivers in general. Highly concentrated amount of useful information and first post I had ever seen that gave me clue about NVIDIA driver versioning .

Best part – all drivers (including older versions) are hosted and are available via direct links. No registration required . They are repackaged to decrease size comparing to originals as well.


Highly recommended place to start looking for notebook drivers. I was able to easily find and download vendor-specific version of NVIDIA driver and only took me extra minute to pickup latest version of Atheros WiFi driver as well.

Very complete, very organized, easy download.

Site http://laptopvideo2go.com/

Forum http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/

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  • laptop reviews archive #

    Hey..thanks..acer has one of the worst support when it comes to providing proper driver. Thanks for the link again.
  • Rarst #

    You are welcome. :)