• Seelenwahnsinn

    I know this isn’t exactly the purpose of the post, but I laughed hard with the “I have no remote idea what that site even is.” I am careful about what feeds I read on the office, but I didn’t expect Rarst’s feed to make me chuckle.

    Though I don’t have another option to offer (away from my computers and without flash drive, can’t check my toolbox), I must admit I think it’s funny to sort wallpapers by colors – at least I’ve never seen people doing it that way. For me it always seemed logical to sort wallpapers by theme (nature, animals, animes, digital art, etc) and one special black and white folder.

    Just curious – how long did you search for this software?

  • @Seelenwahnsinn

    Hey, I am funny often (I hope). :)

    I don’t pay much attention to theme, the purpose of wallpaper is being there without being in your face (something many fanboys of Apple should learn, wallpapers with giant glowing apples receive instant “never show again” from me).

    I mostly like pure bright colors and interesting textures. So for me moving by color is fastest way to get to specific pic I remember.

    How long for app overall or for download? For app quite fast, it made a round over all usual tech blogs couple years ago so pops up in searches fast. Download took maybe half an hour (for decent latest version). I was checking file portals, then gave up, looked up developers page in archives and googled for exact file name.

  • Cassandra

    It’s been a long time since I used it, and I have not yet tried ImageSorter, but might I suggest Photology?
    It also has the option to sort by color (and more).

  • @Cassandra

    Yep, that was another candidate… But just as old and semi-dead. I simply got to ImageSorter first.

    Thanks for suggestion anyway! I think it’s worth checking out also. Seems ImageSorter just doesn’t cut it for regular use for my taste.

  • @Tonttu

    Thanks for info, will try to take a look at latest version.

  • Tonttu

    Me and a friend already sent a bunch of bug reports for the Win and OS X version of Imagesorter, so you can expect it to become healthier in the near future.

    I also found this pretty cool app, which is now open source:

    I really like the donation system, where he meticulously lists the hours he has worked on each application.

  • @Tonttu

    Bookmarked to check out. For finding duplicates I am using VisiPics (for a long time already).

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