• Hi, I am glad you like our work, and thank you for taking the time to suggest and comment. My name is Paul, and you can reach me at Paulscho@microsoft.com. Alternatively, you can reach the fixit! team by emailing our alias, at fixit4me@microsoft.com. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. As you pointed out, over the last 2+ months we’ve launched 20 of these new icons/solutions to automate common software issues, and are continuing to engage the technical community for input and suggestions for more. Please feel free to write us. We are anxious to expand the groups we speak with. We are also on Facebook, our group is Microsoft Product Quality Online.

    Paul Schottland

  • @Paul Schottland

    Thanks for dropping by and good luck to your team! :) I like FixIt concept and it would improve troubleshooting experience for plenty of users over time.

  • Thank you Rarst, I would welcome your ideas on how we can improve. Also, your readers are welcome to suggest ideas or contribute scenarios they’d like to see us turn into Fixit buttons (it is helpful if you send the link to the content you’d like to see automated).


  • @Paul Schottland

    Well as I wrote in post – some kind of unified interface for tweaks would be nice. They are relatively small so can be bulked together to carry around on flash drive and such.

    About other uses – maybe you could make FixIt version of WinSock Fix
    it’s kinda outdated and I don’t know any native analogue from Microsoft.

  • Hi Rarst, I am having someone look into the WinSock issue. As this project is a new startup (within my orgnaization), we wanted to see how many technical suggestions for fixit! work we would get, so I am very glad to take the suggestion. For the time being, we were using the email address above to work with our MVPs and other technical partners to get their initial feeback.

    Again, I really appreciate the press coverage from you.

  • […] the beginning of this year I had posted about Microsoft Fix It initiative to provide easy to use utilities for fixing common issues, described in Microsoft Knowledge Base. […]

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