• It is indeed a powerful and really useful way to storage your sensitive data. I’ve been using it for over one year from now and it’s truly great, but you have to be careful if you decide do use a Hidden Volume. I lost all my files the day I drunkly decided that my HD was a mess and it needed to be defragged (I know they say that’s not really wise but that was the power of two bottles and a half of wine). From that day on I’ve sticked to plain Volumes and it’s working perfectly.
    I’ve read about FreeOTFE and I might try it someday, but right now I’m really satisfied with TrueCrypt.

    And I don’t think drugging would be a good idea to get someone revealing a complex password. The wrench, on the other hand… ;)

  • @Seelenwahnsinn

    Yeah, that’s why call for being careful in post. I had heard quite a few stories about people encrypting their data “really well” to the point of losing it. :(

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