• Wow! I was playing with the Left then Right with the mouse…

    Really worked! Thanks for this neat tip. I love shortcuts…

    I’ve been using Opera since Firefox has been giving me some errors recently and Opera hasn’t ever.

  • Yep, I like flips. It’s easy, useful, obvious and somehow only Opera got it implemented (as far as I know). Common story with Opera features actually. :)

    Smart usability ftw.

  • I agree. Plus I like Opera’s nice clean layout. It doesn’t feel cluttered as Firefox and IE.

  • Mouse gestures are really nice and Opera is a fabulous browser. In fact I much prefer Opera to Firefox but the only reason why I continue using Firefox is because of all the toolbars and extensions I use!

  • Yeah, it’s a pity that Opera is mostly ignored by sites that provide toolbars and such. They just give you “upgrade your browser crap”.

    It’s just their laziness – why develop for everyone when you can target IE and Firefox and discard rest.

  • The DataRat


    Another great Opera tip from Rarst !


    Today was perusing File Forum, and a reader’s comments
    in one of the articles there made the statement that
    all Opera is, is a copy of Firefox !


    Wow. They got it exactly BACKWARDS.

    Fascinating how popular perception often gets things
    diametrically ~reversed~ !

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    More than common situation. :( A lot of users that bash Opera are completely ignorant about features and had barely looked at browser.

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