Purging bad bookmarks with AM-DeadLink

amdeadlink There are people who keep their browser bookmarks in order, properly sorted and up-to-date. Never met them but I like to believe they do exist. :) This post is not for them.

Any bookmark is fine right after it was created but they tend to spoil after some time. Internet is not static, sites can vanish, pages move, redirects break…

AM-DeadLink is simple application for fixing bookmark mess. It separates good links from bad links and allows to kill the latter. But don’t mistake simple for non-functional.

amdeadlinksc Bookmark sources supported are:

  • Internet Explorer (favourites folder)
  • Firefox (bookmarks.html)
  • Opera (opera6.adr)
  • URL, CSV and tab-separated lists

For Opera and Firefox bookmark files are located in profile folders but those may be in program folder or user profile folder. Depends on choices made during browser install. Use Windows search if unsure (or file manager of your choice). For Opera empty trash folder or DeadLink is going to read deleted bookmarks as well.

Option of using plain text lists makes is suitable for checking any bunch of links. Ever seen posts “I have this awesome three pages long list but have no idea how alive links are” ? :)

After loading bookmarks you can:

  • check them
  • locate duplicates
  • delete selected
  • create ZIP backup
  • re-save to browser
  • download favicons (no idea what for, browsers handle favicons themselves)


  • close browser when you are saving bookmarks
  • make backup before you start making changes

There is automatic backup created on save and all deletes are logged to deadlink.log file, so separate ZIP backup may be excessive… But why not if there is option for it? :)

AM-DeadLink may not seem like very complex program but it is excellent at what it does. Program is freeware and there is portable install option.

Home&download page http://www.aignes.com/deadlink.htm

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