xp-AntiSpy – Windows security and privacy tweaker

xp_antispy_icon Operating system is always quite busy on the inside. Until you see mayhem with something like Process Monitor you don’t really feel the scope. When such internal and background actions touch possibility of private information leaking it makes people worried. Windows has no single tool to control related settings.

xp-AntiSpy is utility that offers collection of tweaks, related to security of Windows installation and the ways it may leak private information.

What it does

As many similar utilities this one is essentially wrapper for collection of registry tweaks. Interface allows to see current state of various settings and modify them.


On first launch app offers to create profile of current setting so that it is always easy to roll back changes.

Strong features

Selection of tweaks is specialized and comprehensive. It covers all topics that commonly come up in relation to privacy and security – from Internet Explorer to system services.

App supports profiles (and option to create your own) that allow to make changes in bulk for desired effect. Native profiles are:

  • set, suggested by developer;
  • Windows Update defaults;
  • system defaults.


Profiles color-code checkboxes when triggered and, as for me, do that in confusing way. It is probably best to go over help file so you clearly understand what changes are being made.

App is still being developed, but it wasn’t tested or updated for versions of Windows after XP. According to developer it should still work as long as registry keys remain same.


Specialized tweaker that performs its task perfectly. Works without installation. Has small sponsor search bar in interface and can be considered adware.

Home http://www.xp-antispy.org/

Download http://www.xp-antispy.org/index.php/en/download

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  • Rush #

    I like it, so far. I have a few of these, but this one seems simple enough to pass on to friends. Good find Rarst!
  • Rarst #

    @Rush Yeah, it is simple because it tries to do one thing and not thousand like most of registry tweakers. :) They often confuse quantity of tweaks included with quality of software. Most of tweaks are obscure or near-useless anyway, collecting ton of them just drowns useful one in interface.
  • libeco #

    For years this app is the first thing I install after re-installing any XP PC or laptop. Dead easy to change some of the most important things on a system. Excellent app!
  • Rarst #

    @libeco I don't use it very often myself so it's good to have a confirmation for regular users. btw I think I've seen your comments at ghacks? Martin always sends awesome readers and commenters my way. :)
  • libeco #

    @Rarst Although I do keep track of ghacks, in this case I saw your post because of my RSS-feed of Appnews. ;-) I have now also added rarst.net and in the process must confess I'm addicted to freeware! :-)
  • Rarst #

    @libeco Works for me just as well. :) Glad you find Appnews useful and welcome to my blog.
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