• Rush

    I like it, so far. I have a few of these, but this one seems simple enough to pass on to friends. Good find Rarst!

  • @Rush

    Yeah, it is simple because it tries to do one thing and not thousand like most of registry tweakers. :)

    They often confuse quantity of tweaks included with quality of software. Most of tweaks are obscure or near-useless anyway, collecting ton of them just drowns useful one in interface.

  • For years this app is the first thing I install after re-installing any XP PC or laptop. Dead easy to change some of the most important things on a system. Excellent app!

  • @libeco

    I don’t use it very often myself so it’s good to have a confirmation for regular users.

    btw I think I’ve seen your comments at ghacks? Martin always sends awesome readers and commenters my way. :)

  • @Rarst

    Although I do keep track of ghacks, in this case I saw your post because of my RSS-feed of Appnews. ;-)

    I have now also added rarst.net and in the process must confess I’m addicted to freeware! :-)

  • @libeco

    Works for me just as well. :) Glad you find Appnews useful and welcome to my blog.

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