USBDeview – USB viewer and manager utility

usbdeview_icon It may seem that interaction of USB device (be it flash drive or mouse) ends at unplugging. Actually Windows remembers quite a lot about device after that.

USBDeview shows information about all USB devices that are or were connected to computer and allows some advanced tricks with those.

What it does

USBDeview has interface typical (as usual) for Nirsoft apps with information in multiply columns.


There are some extras in this case like colored icons that show device status but most of interesting things are hidden in context and options menus.

Strong features

Aside from providing information app can (as long as it is running):

  • unplug and uninstall devices (I still prefer USB Disk Ejector);
  • make autorun work on flash drives;
  • display different messages on device connection and/or disconnection;
  • run custom scripts on device connect;
  • connect to remote computers and manage their USB devices (admin rights required).

Speed test and online database

Recent update brought quite cool function of testing speed of flash drive (right click > Speed Test). I had posted about HD_Speed that does similar test.

USBDeview goes further and allows to submit results to online database where you can already find those of my Extreme Ducati flash drive and Prestigio Pocket Drive II external hard drive. :)

Test measures by writing and reading temporary file so result is affected by factors such as fragmentation and is close to real-world performance (as opposed to theoretical figures manufacturers usually provide).

Depending on how full and up to date it will be database might become excellent resource to check before buying any kind of USB storage.


App in single executable that works without installation, has plenty of interesting functions for those who use external storage a lot plus good potential to fill database with real information on different hardware storage performance.

Home&download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html

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