• Simakuutio

    You forgot to tell people, there is nice list which is updating frequently, you can you:


    With that together with your own filtering rules, you’re pretty much free from annoying adds…

    (sorry, had to mess that url, this system didn’t allow to put working url, no matter what… bummer…)

  • @Simakuutio

    I know there are third party lists, but it’s not the same as native stuff. There are plenty of ways to tweak Opera, but I try to focus on native functionality – less confusing and more bulletproof. :)

    Sorry about link! I pushed major changes to spam filter recently and it was slightly off with links ( >= instead of > comparison for allowed quantity). Fixed now.

  • kelltic

    I don’t mind ads. I even look at them. What I can’t tolerate are the ones that jump up and down and all around. Trying to read and understand something while my peripheral vision is being attacked is just too challenging for me. If I can’t scroll the offender out of view, I’ll move on. And, I’ll be angry when I go. I will hate the product that ruined the page for me and avoid buying something from them or visiting their website. A small revenge, I know, but it’s the best I’ve been able to come up with.

    But – what I detest, despise, and abhor most of all is Google – for cramming down our throats – all that double-underlined blue text. It disrupts my reading experience – and who can live with that? – and if my mouse drifts anywhere near, a popup jumps to the fore and covers up the text altogether. I’d really like a little program that would allow me to shoot them down. Instead, I just use FF with its adblock.

    So, tell me, can Opera rid me of that particular irritation, or is it a page-by-page thing?

  • @kelltic

    what I detest, despise, and abhor most of all is Google – for cramming down our throats – all that double-underlined blue text

    Your hate is misdirected here. Google never uses such ads, other networks do.

    Since such ads are JavaScript-based Opera can deal with them just fine, but as described in post it will take some effort to figure out domains scripts come from and create custom rules for them.

    If you want you can email me few example pages and I will take a look. :)

  • kelltic

    Thanks for straightening me out. I shall direct my hatred elsewhere.

    And thanks for your offer.

    P.S. I have finally downloaded Opera. Haven’t installed it yet – but I’m sneaking up on it :)

  • @kelltic

    You should. :) Latest 10.60 build is seriously freaking good.

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