• Ralph

    I use a freeware called Treepad Lite. Although it doesn’t come with snippets, it IS fully functional and you can organize the way YOU want to.

  • @Ralph

    Interesting one, but as in post for organizing notes I am settled on WikidPad.

    However I’d like something that had more code-specific stuff. Syntax highlight and folding, ability to edit and include code out of organizer, function lists, automatic references to native functions… One can dream, right? :)

    DTT gets some of this quite right but not enough to ignore limitations and usability.

  • Generator

    This app is great! Thanks for your article, I always searched something like this!

  • @Generator

    Glad you like it. Hope it will help whatever you are coding. :)

  • Generator

    I made donation (only 5 $ – this isn’t expensive) and now can use search engine and export snippets. Additionally you get other applications (such as FSL Launcher) without any limitations.

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