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dtt_icon Few evenings ago I was updating Appnews as usual and DTT description caught my interest. Most of the time while working with code I am torn between holding snippets right in Notepad++ in a beautiful mess or in highly organized but less suitable WikidPad.

DTT seemed like a nice middle ground – dedicated holder for code snippets with support of multiply programming languages.

What it does

App adopts usual tree view plus content area formula. What is unusual – top level are folders by specific programming languages.


It comes pre-filled with some snippets and few separate packages of those available for download on developers’ site.

All code is automatically highlighted and saved on disk with folder structure duplicating internal tree and fitting file extensions. Images are supported as well (as separate entries).

Strong features

  • multiply programming languages support out of the box makes it quite universal;
  • plain text format and overall structure would be easy to integrate with other software;
  • it has very interesting feature of reading tips from network folder.


App is free for non-commercial use (which is already considerable limitation in context) but some features are limited to version released to those who made donations.

It would be perfectly fine except that limited features are:

  • export (copy/paste works but it gets worse);
  • search (deal killer or close to it);
  • hotkey to restore from tray (did I mention it always minimizes to tray?).

DTT also has familiar looks of an exercise in re-creating standard interface elements without good reason to. Which as usual feels familiar and like interface from another planet at the same time.

Oh, and silently adding itself to autorun is low, especially coming from program that works without installation.


I like the idea. I like it a lot actually – consolidating mountain of snippets and examples in few languages I currently use (AutoIt, PHP, C/C++) would be awesome.

But I don’t feel this is right app – losing search would be degradation instead of improvement and interface usability is… self-destructing.

Home http://fsl.sytes.net/dtt.html

Download http://fsl.sytes.net/download.html#dtt

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  • Ralph #

    I use a freeware called Treepad Lite. Although it doesn't come with snippets, it IS fully functional and you can organize the way YOU want to.
  • Rarst #

    @Ralph Interesting one, but as in post for organizing notes I am settled on WikidPad. However I'd like something that had more code-specific stuff. Syntax highlight and folding, ability to edit and include code out of organizer, function lists, automatic references to native functions... One can dream, right? :) DTT gets some of this quite right but not enough to ignore limitations and usability.
  • Generator #

    This app is great! Thanks for your article, I always searched something like this!
  • Rarst #

    @Generator Glad you like it. Hope it will help whatever you are coding. :)
  • Generator #

    I made donation (only 5 $ - this isn't expensive) and now can use search engine and export snippets. Additionally you get other applications (such as FSL Launcher) without any limitations.