Automate network pings with PingInfoView

pinginfoview_icon I had covered some nice network scanners (and still have a use for them) but lately I also needed utility that can ping and monitor known host names.

Unsurprisingly Nirsoft offers exactly that – PingInfoView app that pings multiply computers repeatedly.

What it does

On launch app asks for list of PCs you want to monitor and offers option to frequency of repeated pings. IPs, hostnames and format with optional descriptions are supported.

After that it pings all of list and displays results in usual for Nirsoft utilities multi-column interface.


Strong features

  • fast and efficient, convenient up to hundreds of computers;
  • optional highlight and beeps on failed pings;
  • keeps count and calculates average values for stats.

Needs and wants

I am not the one to complain about simplicity but this one could really use additional checks (like for running web server) and more fancy stats (which boss race likes to demand). It gets pings done, no less but no more.


Simple, completely portable, supports command line arguments and several data export options. Does exactly what promised but does not go deeper.

Home&download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/multiple_ping_tool.html

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  • Peter Owen #

    I assume there's no email notification if a site is down is there? Do you know of a more robust free program that may do that?
  • Rarst #

    @Peter Owen Nope, nothing like that. :( It does look like tiny bit more and it could make decent uptime watcher. I currently have no suggestions on software, I tried online service but it sucked and so not using anything at moment. Hm, maybe I should code simple AutoIt script. Checking/pinging and sending email is both easy to do with it.
  • Checking and logging server uptime with AutoIt | Rarst.net #

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