• Pls i would like you to explain more on how to modify operamini to an editable browser

  • @Chukx

    Please rephrase? I have no idea what you wanted me to explain.

  • opera fan

    At least for linux, you don’t need to restart opera, you only need to give “OK” to a different set of shortcuts, then select the modified again, and give “OK” to it. Probably the same works with windows too.

    Anyone knows how to make a menu entry for links that would open images, each in one tab, and then save each one? That’s to save time when downloading images from blogspot blogs through links. If you try to save the links, it will actually save 403 pages, but it won’t if they’re actually opened.

  • @opera fan

    I do not know easy way to do that and from your description it seems that site actively tries to prevent leeching as well.

    The only trick I can suggest here is Ctrl+click image for rapid save dialog.

  • opera fan

    I think that there’s no way to do that with opera, but maybe there is, if only someone knows how to “program” those menu actions properly, and is interested in achieving that, which is not really that useful anyway.

    The best thing to solve what I said is either do as you said, or use firefox and an extension that allows that (I don’t remember its name now), which will download even the big images from blogspot, somehow.

  • T.Terlemez


    Many thanks for this article.
    I do not know many english words (my own language is not english and mey memory is poor too) and often look dictionary with copy paste for that reason.
    With this way I add a Google Translate javascript for selected text to Opera right click menu. This was very good and useful.

    Thanks again, good days and works.

  • Steve

    What abaut nasty icon addons placement in Opera ? If you have some addons installed then you have the problem ! Why not move the icons to some tollbar or even better integrate to context menu under icon last closed pages ! Its realy anoying and nasty !

  • @Steve

    Yeah, extension icons are quite annoying and inflexible, comparing to rest of Opera’s interface. There is new major release (version 12) in development and I hope it gets improved there.

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