• haha, funny :)

  • @Ky

    Well… It was supposed to be slightly sad, but I glad you liked it. :)

  • Hey, it’s very cool way to tell people that Chrome not that good and i agree with you because for installing it in my Country (Indonesia) it’s really difficult.

    Nb: I Like the way you post.

  • @Kifli

    It’s not that Chrome is bad. But it is so beta-version. But because of Google slapped on it – it is not treated as such.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting by the way. :)

  • wow, thats nice. i never thought of comparing browsers to umbrellas.good thinking, thanks.

  • Glad you liked my analogy, jigs. :) Walking away from usual words can greatly simplify thoughts at times.

  • The DataRat

    This article was written almost 14 months ago. Now we know how it
    worked out: Chrome has somewhere around a 3% marketshare.
    ( Vis-a-vis Opera’s hard-earned 2%, and Internet Explorer’s easy
    65% – 68%. )

    Possibly because Chrome -for all it’s speed- still has NEARLY

    Post Script:

    My web browser is where I live for a few hours every day. Like
    my home, I want it to have comfortable furniture and convenient
    fixtures. Chrome is like camping out ! A tent and a sleeping
    bag, and wash up in a nearby stream.

    Opera being like my home, with comfortable furniture and convenient

    Opera’s 2% marketshare isn’t a lot. But -thinking about it- THAT
    is about the same (slightly higher, actually) than Linux penetration
    of the consumer desktop market !

    So, maybe, Opera’s 2% ain’t all that bad.

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    I don’t freaking care about market share. It’s mostly statistics lies and it hardly matters as for me.

    Opera is highly profitable company that continues to excel at delivering great browser. I don’t care how many people use it as long as I can. :)

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