• Lyndi

    Wow, you certainly did your homework on this. I am an old fashioned Google reader fan. So far it meets all my needs but I will go check out the Newsgator stuff, especially on the mobile side. Thanks for the info.

  • @Lyndi

    I am deeply incompatible with most of Google “online apps” services. :) They don’t feel right to me and desktop software that is capable of online sync will be better solution for a long time in my opinion.

  • Just like 90% of the people, I have never used a reader, always via mail.

  • @Farrhad

    Yep, email is way more common but RSS is easier to manage and makes (with good reader) easier to process a lot of updates in short time.

    You should try it. :)

  • […] to them were working fine.FeedDemon was a RSS news reader that many people seemed to recommend. Rarst was one of them and he made me take a closer look at the software. The RSS news feeds were exported […]

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