• Ulrich

    I got started with GitHub for Windows and it was great to get started understanding git. As it does not all of the commands I started to learn the commands and now love using the command line with the gui.

    • I am not sure what the current state of GitHub’s own client is, but in early days it was completely horrible. :) I tried and run away screaming.

  • Paul

    I used Sourcetree for a while, but then I switched to Tower, I like using a GUI for exactly the same reasons as you, makes it easier to organize commits.
    I can’t remember exactly why I moved away from Sourcetree, might give it another try.

    • Tower is Mac only, right? So far I hadn’t seen any other clients on Win that would tempt me to switch away from SourceTree.

  • I used Smartgit, but moved to SourceTree because of its “Stage lines/hunk” functionality – this feature is absolutely awesome. Plus managing different remotes for the same repo is easier there, comparing to Smartgit at that time.

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